The “Moment of Truth.”  The rise of emotions right before a shot is fired or an arrow is released.  The spike in adrenaline that is so memorable and hard to duplicate, yet difficult to describe to a non-hunter.  The double-edged sword that can deliver either a rewarding and self-fulfilling outcome to some or a paralyzing and unnerving experience to others.  It has been called “Buck Fever” and I have had up close and personal encounters with it.  I have spent many years trying to overcome it without numbing myself to the joyful experience that hunting provides.  I can’t say I am an expert nor that I have completely figured it out but I can promise you that in the following pages of this book, you will find a better understanding of Buck Fever and a path to follow for regaining control.  Through some personal stories and lessons learned the hard way, I will show you some self-hacks and proven methods to get past the surge of emotions that hinder success for many hunters.  This book is not just for those that deal with the extreme symptoms of “Buck Fever,” there are many tips and tricks to help all levels of bowhunters to see progress in their overall bowhunting game.  The next steps to achieving more success in the hunting woods may very well lie in the pages of this book, now all you have to do is click the purchase tab and enjoy! Thanks and shoot straight!