The Alpha Bowhunting Challenge began as an archery competition with a fitness twist.  It has since evolved into so much more.  We are here to challenge you, teach you, learn from you and encourage you to be the best bowhunter you are capable of becoming.  

Hunting and family have always gone hand in hand since I was first able to join my dad and uncles on their annual big game hunts.  I have been fortunate enough to create a business in the field that I love and can't wait to raise my boys in the archery world.  With my wife Missy at my side, we have made it our commitment to provide a welcoming atmosphere for anyone wanting to participate in all that archery and the outdoors have to offer.  Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and hopefully we will see you soon at an upcoming Alpha Event!

Phil Mendoza

Nathan Kimball

Tournament Director


Beau Thiry

Lead Bow mechanic at No Limits Archery

Product Development 

Juan Montour

Media and Entertainment Lead

Braden Forsyth

Product Development and Event Staff